ANOMA Grooming glove

Best solution for your hairy problems! It is designed to be extremely gentle to your pet and brings only satisfaction and pleasure. Achieve great grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet! Searching for a good quality grooming tool for your pet, but you don't feel like spending time choosing the best variant? You don't have to, we have done it for you!

Our grooming gloves are great for you and your pet

Long and short hair

Same size tips effectively trap short, medium and long pet hair in order to reduce allergens and minimize shedding.

Your pet will love it!

Soft rubber tips gently penetrate into pet's coat, providing relaxing massage. Perfect for skittish pets.

Great grooming results

Rubber bristles effectively remove lost hair, tangles and mats, leaving a healthy and shiny pet coat.

Universal fit

Adjustable velcro strap ensures secure fit on your hand, so the Glove can be used by your whole family.



  • C.D.
    Arrived as described. One side is the rubber for grooming cats. The other side is made of the same material as a standard lint brush. My three cats were a little leery initially of the large, funny-looking hand, but this lasted about 5 minutes. They now love it! The rubber side pulls quite a bit of fur off the cats and the lint brush side works well to pick up stray fur on me and the furniture. The hand is large and the Velcro strap works adequately to hold the glove to my wrist.
  • Maria
    I have a small puppy is very affectionate and everyday you get attention as the demands of my care and keep clean and eat well as this product i'm using for combing and at a time you caress your hair and feels very Bie it is as if give massage. this puppy is so affectionate that with this glove with serdas special he puts happy when you look because knows what masaje every day and I see that if falls your hair as is in the glove. I am happy to use it and my puppy this ta happy. I ordered this product to review a discount or free in Exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Dawn Imel
    OK...We have two large dogs (Blue Healer and German Shorthair) and there is always dog hair EVERYWHERE!! The Healer sheds once a year, (unfortunately it is for 365 days at a time), leaves an endless trail of hair and needs brushed constantly. I typically use a horse brush on him as his hair is so thick and there is so much of it, but I cannot get that anywhere near the other dog as he hates it with having so much less hair. I have been looking for a product I can use on both dogs and was given the opportunity to review this at a reduced cost for my honest review, which was easy to do for this product! This product worked well on both dogs and even the shorthair just laid there and let me brush him. I even got this look that clearly said, "Mom do not stop" when using the massaging side of the glove. I have posted before and after pictures before showing the results with less than a minute of brushing our Healer. As you can see the glove did an amazing job. I love the fact that it is a glove so I can brush them while petting them. The massage side was very easy to clean off, but what really surprised me was that so was the cloth side. I simply took another cloth and rubbed it from top to bottom in a few repetitive movements and all of the hair came off. It also looks like it would wash up well although I have not tried that as it does not need it at this point. I used the cloth side to wipe off the couch as well as on the dogs and it worked well there as well. Can't wait to try it the next time I wear black pants and sit on the couch before work! I would highly.



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